Animal behavior impact factor has been an interesting field for many researchers. From pets to wild animals, all of them have magnets that pull researchers to conduct a study on them. The results can be beneficial not only to the animals but also to human beings in general as they live side by side.

A dog is an interesting animal to be learned. The fact that many humans make this animal as pets trigger the studies even more. Are you a huge fan of dogs? If you are, then this tidbit might be informative to you.

Walking the Dog

It is not something needed for a further discussion that having a pet means providing the best facilities to him. As for the dog, walking it in routine can be a great way to entertain him and let him breathe fresh air outside. This action can also be a way for you to show him how much you care and build a strong bond with him.

However, some people choose not to walk the dog and let him stay inside. They are assuming that walking the dog in routine is just going to let him expose to the unhealthy and unpredictable environment outside. In this situation, the positive effect of walking the dog is usually obtained by other activities. Some dog lovers wonder if there is any animal behavior impact factor on the dog for this routine. 

Effect on the Dog’s Behavior

The results coming from several kinds of research show that walking the dog in routine can bring positive effects on the dog’s behavior. A simple, daily walk for at least an hour can trigger that positive animal behavior impact factor on the dog. No need to run nor do some sports activity as walking merely is enough.

The positive effects shown from the dog deals with its politeness and controlled behavior. The results reveal that the dog who is taken out routinely can be controlled not to jump on people, pull on a rope, or even running after a cat. These behaviors absolutely can save your day.

One hour per day is not a very tough thing to do remembering all those positive things that can affect the dog. Positive behaviors cannot come in instantly. Therefore, you need to be persistence in walking your dog to bring those positive effects real.

Walking the dog can be a fun activity yet quite time consuming for some people. However, this activity is proved to trigger positive behaviors in your dog. Positive animal behavior impact factor is something that needs persistent effort to exist in real life.